Money Back Guarantee

In the age of marketing hype, we understand that clients need true assurances that they are making a wise purchasing decision using facts. The information provided on this page means that we stand by our service. As a professional accounting firm, whose expert service we have proudly proclaimed since our inception in 2001, Logos is committed to your total satisfaction. Guaranteed.

Please carefully review this 90-Day Money Back Guarantee offer and do not hesitate to ask us for additional details.

Thank you for considering Logos… we hope you will put your trust in our Name.


If you are not completely satisfied that Logos is providing the same (or better) service than you received from your previous accounting firm or payroll firm, Logos will refund our service fees (for the service provided within the first 90 days) in full.

Your payroll service must be established and processing through Logos for at least 90 days. Your staff must provide us with the information we request with in a reasonable time frame (48 to 72 hours for accounting, same day of request for employee hours). You must adhere to our policy that email, text, and private message/upload via your private Logos portal will be our primary method of communication (phone meetings billed at $175/hour). You must be using our (Logos) payroll AND our (Logos) monthly accounting service (our QuickBooks Connect Service is optional). If you email your dissatisfaction within the 90-day guarantee period, an authorized Logos staff member will contact you and attempt to rectify the performance of our service. If thereafter you are still not satisfied, your full service fees (for up to the first 90 days) will be refunded. No refund will be made until and unless an authorized Logos staff member has the opportunity to discuss and evaluate our service with you, and attempt to resolve perceived performance problems. Logos is not responsible for providing a substitute payroll and accounting service provider, should this guarantee be invoked. This limited 90-day money back guarantee applies only to clients using our payroll and monthly accounting service (“core services”). Amount of refund does not include extended warranty or shipping and handling charged by Logos for the delivery of your payroll checks, reports or other forms. Refund amount is the amount paid for our payroll processing and monthly accounting service only.

If you are not convinced that the performance of Logos is equal to or better than the service you had before, call (800) 214-9629 Extension 704.