Complete Payroll Service

We provide Complete Payroll Service, including: Electronic Tax Service, Direct Deposit, Automatic filing of 941′s, 940′s, W2′s, W3′s and all State Employment Tax Forms. You’ve heard of ADP and Paychex. Have your heard of Logos?

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All Other Payroll Companies – You Keep LessTheir Way

Just call in your employee hours, or fax in your timesheet, and your paychecks and reports will be delivered to your door within 72 hours. We also have same day and next day “Premium” payroll delivery available. With Logos, you can also have your checks signed at no extra charge. With our Electronic Tax Service, we guarantee the accuracy and timeliness of your payroll tax payments (based on the payroll information you provide). We also have General Ledger imports that work with the QuckBooks Software and with our Quickbooks Connect Server to save you the time and hassle of having to key your payroll in to your General Ledger.